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A nugget on acupuncture — its rising status

Did you know that in the West, acupuncture is receiving greater acceptance among the medical community? Its higher profile is the result of physicians acknowledging and believing what they see when acupuncture is used to treat particular conditions.

The scientific evidence suggests that acupuncture therapy stimulates nerves under the skin and in muscle tissue, causing the body to release pain-relieving substances called endorphins. These endorphins are likely to be responsible for acupuncture's  beneficial, balm effects on pain.

Practitioners of traditional acupuncture work from the premise that in a healthy body, energy or the "life force", Qi (pronounced "chee") flows unrestricted through a network of channels called meridians. If Qi flow is restricted,  blockages accumulate and,  overtime, these obstructions may give rise to illness. Acupuncture taps into these obstructive pools, dispersing the stagnancy. Acupuncture serves as the catalyst for restoring good health through good Qi flow.


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