Let Your Fingers do the Talking


I nearly lost the use of my left hand following a car-crash as three fingers would not bend. I could not hold afingers do the talking acupuncture Nailsworth, Glos fork or make a fist. And not much had improved after an operation re-breaking my hand! Thank goodness for Acupuncture and Acupoint massage. While wary of needles, I had learned that acupuncture was nothing to fear. Needles so fine that on insertion there is little discomfort. I will not have full use of my fingers but Medic-Acu and its acupuncture service restored considerable hand function. Fingers bend beyond 90 degrees and I can grip my fork. Acupuncture returned flexibility and strength. In my mind, I rated the improvement from 15% to 65%. My fingers continue to improve while the rest of my body crumbles. Yes I am retired --so you see it's never too late to try something new if standard practices deliver little. Good luck! [HKK, Nailsworth]

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