snowshoes range Nailsworth, Glos

For the lack of snow shoes

  An extensive, midnight, up-hill trek of five miles in the snow in less than suitable shoes meant I could not walk properly because of excruciating pain when my heels touched the ground the next morning. Heal supports and an operation was the advice given. I chose Medics-Acu for Acupuncture and Massage. To my mind, TCM […]

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fingers do the talking acupuncture Nailsworth, Glos

Let Your Fingers do the Talking

  I nearly lost the use of my left hand following a car-crash as three fingers would not bend. I could not hold a fork or make a fist. And not much had improved after an operation re-breaking my hand! Thank goodness for Acupuncture and Acupoint massage. While wary of needles, I had learned that acupuncture […]

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acupuncture therapy -

Pain relief through Acupuncture

 A nugget on acupuncture — its rising statusDid you know that in the West, acupuncture is receiving greater acceptance among the medical community? Its higher profile is the result of physicians acknowledging and believing what they see when acupuncture is used to treat particular conditions. The scientific evidence suggests that acupuncture therapy stimulates nerves under […]

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