Clinic appointment


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Composite of Calendar Pages and ClockProcedure for Booking an Appointment
1) Click on Book a Clinic Appointment and, below the text on the right hand side of the page, click Choose and a drop-down calendar appears.
2) You can only book the dates in the green squares. Brown shading indicates that only 0.5-day is available. A pink square cannot be booked.
3) Once you have selected the day of your appointment, a drop-down chart appears below Time.
4) Click on a square (30-minute time-slot) to select a suitable time. then, click CHECK AVAILABILITY.
5) At the top of the page, a bar will appear indicating that your appointment is in the shopping cart.
6) When you click VIEW CART, a listing appears summarising your booking details.
7) Click  PROCEED TO CHECKOUT and you will be directed to a secure page requesting your contact details.
8) Click REQUEST CONFIRMATION of the appointment and you will directed to another secure page stating Your Order has been received. This is also accompanied by a message informing you that your appointment is awaiting confirmation and that you will receive a notification by email when it has been confirmed. Order details are also provided further down the page.

Please note, that for now, if you wish to book more than 30 minutes, you will have to submit two separate, clinic appointment bookings. In the future, it will be possible to click on the time slots sequentially, so that you can order, in one go, the length of the appointment you want.

If you have not received TCM treatment with us before, then we suggest that you book at least two 0.5-hr slots to allow for an initial consultation followed by treatment.