Acupressure massage

So what is Acupressure massage?

akkupressurMassage for health  is regarded by many from the East as part of an individual's normal lifestyle, like eating well and taking exercise. The purpose of massage is to maintain good flow of vital energy (Qi) and good well-being, mentally and emotionally, and physically. This is achieved by eliminating stagnant blockages, removing cold and damp, stimulating Qi, and blood and lymph activity. This, in turn, alleviates inflammation and brings about healing. For this reason, the massage practised at Medics-Acu is Acupressure massage.

Acupressure massage uses a range of hand and finger pressure techniques applied in different ways to treat different conditions. Special acupoints are implicated in different ailments but the actual process of administering the massage will differ between conditions and individuals.

Conditions that can be treated include: headache, migraine, low energy, poor circulation, back pain, sciatica, digestive disorders and stress, rheumatism, arthritis, joint pain or moving pain, ankle or wrist pain, sports injuries and more...


Acupressure massage – the process

  • Following a consultation which involves an examination of both tongue and pulse, and a discussion about your symptoms and your complaint, a specific programme of Acupressure massage will be followed to treat you and your condition.
  • The period of massage can vary between 30, 60 or 90 minutes because this depends on the individual and their needs.
  • A therapist will perform Acupressure massage using baby oil or your preferred oil with a towel between you and the therapist.
  • The body is massaged along the meridian channels, opening them up to provide better Qi flow, improving energy, vitality and circulation while relieving stress. Massage usually involves flicking, rolling, rubbing pushing, pulling, percussive and kneading movements applied with varying degrees of pressure either in a pointed or more broad manner. While, in some instances, massage movements may be quite vigorous, generating a lot of heat, they will not be painful.
  • The skilled therapist applies these massage techniques in line with your programme. This ensures that a proper balance is achieved of yin and yang.  The usual result, after Acupressure massage, is the feeling of being refreshed and relieved from previous symptoms.

A little known interesting fact

Did you know that in Chinese massage there are between 30 and 70 hand techniques used in joint or soft tissue manipulations!